Why NetMed?

Why NetMed?

Reliable Personnel

The convenience of internet-based transcription coupled with the workmanship of our highly trained, proficient medical transcriptionists is the foundation of our service. The highest quality product delivered in a timely and accurate manner is the standard physicians have come to rely on. The health care professionals we work with trust our consistent and accurate reports.

  • Professional, accomplished transcriptionists
  • Typists average 13+ years of experience
  • Friendly customer service and 24-hour help desk
  • Accurate medical reports
  • All transcriptionists are located in the United States

Responsive Turnaround Time

Physician practices and hospitals depend on NetMed Transcription Services’ 24-hour turnaround time. With our convenient Internet-based technology, physicians and staff find the plug-and-go system to be user friendly and quick. Accurately transcribed, confidential records are available immediately from our website. Plus, the NetMed Transcription team provides knowledgeable and friendly customer service around the clock.

  • Efficient, 24-hour turnaround time guaranteed
  • STAT turnaround available at no additional charge
  • Streamlined dictation download process
  • Quick plug-and-go technology
  • Secure, HIPAA-compliant transport of voice and text files

Reasonable Rates

Providing a high-quality product at a fair and predictable price has ben part of NetMed Transcription Services’ formula for success. Other companies have created line counting methods, arriving at a per chart price, regardless of the number of characters in a line. We, on the other hand, calculate charges phased on the number of characters, dividing by a 65-character line. It’s a more accurate system for measuring the amount of work in a transcribed document. Our customers are extremely satisfied with the end result – a high quality service at a reasonable price.

  • Character counting vs. line counting
  • No set-up fees
  • Excellent service at fair prices
  • No contract required

Respected Industry Leader

Continually providing a service that is of the highest quality, consistently dependable and with exceedingly friendly customer support has been the goal of NetMed Transcription Services since its inception in 1982. Earning the respect of those we serve is of the utmost importance to us. We value the feedback of our clients and work hard to meet – and/or exceed their expectations.

  • Proven quality since 1982
  • Accommodating service and exceeding expectations
  • Trusted by thousands of medical professionals

Resourceful Technology

Fluctuating caseloads and staffing issues are not a problem with NetMed Transcription Services. Physicians can rely on our 24-hour – or STAT – turnaround time and high quality transcribed reports. Evolved technology utilizing our hand-held recorders and plug-and-go downloads is a ready resource for the physician – with secure transport of voice and text files as the result.

  • Anytime, anywhere Internet-based service
  • 256 Bit encryption
  • Accessible and friendly technical support
  • Software provided at no charge
  • Electronic signature capability
  • Quick plug-and-go technology
  • Edit, preview, print copies and envelopes, and download as Microsoft Word documents from our website
  • Automatic faxing option
  • Feature-rich system allows numerous functions
  • Integration with almost any EMR system
  • All reports permanently archived and accessible anytime
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